Preteen Camp Report 2015


A report by Uwa Bazuaye…


The theme for the preteen camp was “Mind games”. The mind is a special gift from God which can potentially store 100 trillion thoughts which could come from good and bad. The goal was to help the preteens know what it means to love God with actions— not just words.

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The preteens had a wonderful time this year with a lot of them attending for the first time. They learnt about the importance of using their minds to love God through great lessons, fun times, and activities

Fun and Activities:

On the day of arrival the preteens were entertained with a camp fire skit on mind games which was about helping them to make the right choices and having the right mind-set and attitude. This followed with a short lesson on Ephesians 6:10–18 – protecting the mind from the pollution of the world such as inappropriate television programmes and  magazines, the internet, the confusion of daily life, violent video games etc.



The Preteens had lots of choices in terms of activities around camp. The activities are orienteering in small groups – “Go from point to point using clues to get message where to go”. Crossing the chasm – “Use your skill to cross crocodile infested river”. Obstacle course challenge – “How good is your self-control?”


The obstacle course Challenge

There were other organised challenges and games such as dodgeball, volleyball game etc. This helped the preteens to bond together as a team and to build close friendship.


The preteens also enjoyed other activities such as the spirit quest which came with lots of wisdom and bible knowledge from some of them. They had a movie night and fun party which was themed “the mad scientist”

PreTeenPics.003         PreTeenPics.004 PreTeenPics.005

They experienced great worship, prayer and in-depth quite times devotional every morning and also inspirational bible lessons from guest speaks, Mohan Nanjundan and Cory Stuck which helped them to discover how to love God with all their heart and mind and to make an impact on their world for Christ.


The camp ended with a final bible lesson from James Thomas with a skit from the preteens reminding us The things that are wrong anger, bad language, disrespect, lies etc. battles against the good in our minds, love, peace, kindness, respect, truth etc. and therefore to renew our minds. To think like Jesus Christ, the only one who managed his emotions perfectly to the glory of God by valuing God’s word (the Bible).


Skit from Preteens (Inside out movie) using Matthew 26:36–46.

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