Teen Retreat Report


402 - Version 2Teens from all over the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe gathered for a retreat. Here is a report by one of the participants….

“Friendships, faithfulness and fun; what more could a disciple want? The 2015 Teen Disciple Retreat had all three! A perfect mixture of lessons, games, discipleship groups and fun. The lessons were extremely convicting and powerful whilst also being humorous and engaging. A huge round of applause to Brian Hinkle, Jack Legon, Rebecca Ghalustians and to Zach Anton who all taught such amazing lessons.066

The discipleship groups that followed were so helpful. It was really nice snuggling up in our blankets, hugging mugs of hot tea and munching on Oreo biscuits whilst getting deep and being honest and open about where we’re at in our walk with God. Wonder if the brother’s discipleship groups were quite like that! The planning of this retreat was very good. The fact that there was time allotted for doing school work and revision helped me and many others who had a lot to do.

171It was amazing to see disciples going for prayer walks, having quiet times and reciting scripture and wanting to grow in being “More then a Conqueror”. Seeing disciples from Germany, France, Denmark and beyond was a special treat as the bonds beyond distance were made. God can do anything when He is our common bond.

213There was a lot of free time whereby we’d all hangout in the lobby playing cards, Mafia, or doing an old-fashioned thing called talking (the “no phone” rule definitely helped with this!).

Overall the retreat was a huge success and really recharged our spiritual batteries. A huge thank you to everyone who helped organise it and who were there. We are all already look forward to next year!!!”


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