London Teen Rally Report


photo 1 Report by Georgia Lamb

On Saturday, 15th November, we had the London-wide Teen Rally. It was a fantastic opportunity for the teens all over London to get together, to fellowship, enjoy performances, listen to sermons and testimonies, play games and, most importantly – worship God!

It was so impressive to see over 100 teens coming together, old faces as well as new ones. It was a great evening together but the things that stood out to me were Alex Cameron’s lesson on the importance of worshipping God with all our hearts when we sing. It was so relevant and a helpful thing to reflect on. Montel Powell’s testimony was so powerful. His level of vulnerability and openness was amazing and so encouraging to see how far some teens come in only a few years due to their relationship with God.

I also greatly appreciated the performances – just to see the amount of talent God had put in one room was astounding. So to summarise – the Teen Rally 2014 was very impacting and the best one yet.
photo 2


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