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12-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

12 September

  • 7pm
    • Opening Event:  FOR EVERYONE
      • Build up the House”  Corey Stuck Logan Hall

13 September

  • 10am
    • Morning Prayer Devotional:  Students & Teens Russell Square
      • In preparation for our upcoming academic years
  • 11am:  
    • Class for members with a non-member Spouse Room 802
      • Andrew and Rhoda Agerbak
  • 1pm:  “I am with you”
    • Married Women:  Helen Nanjundan Logan Hall
    • Singles:  Toks & Bola Sowoolu Jeffrey Hall
    • Students: Brian & Lauren Hinkle Drama Studio
    • Teens: Mulligan & Jo Price Elvin Hall
  • 2pm:  “Be Strong”
    • Married Men: Mohan Nanjundan Logan Hall
    • Singles & Students:  Chris Reed Jeffrey Hall
    • Teens: Mark Akinlade Elvin Hall

1500-1630:  meal & fellowship break

  • 4:30pm:  “I have chosen you”  Chris Reed Logan Hall
  • 6:30pm:  Mission Meeting Drama Studio 
    • Want to serve our God in one of our younger churches?
    • Come meet representatives from the following:  Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Leicester and Norwich
    • Light refreshments included
  • 7:30pm

14 September

  • 9am:  Morning prayer devotional:  All Ministries Drama Studio
  • 10:30:  “Shake the Heavens & the Earth” Mike DeSouza Logan Hall
  • 1:30:  Mingle’s Leaders’ Meeting:  Mohan Nanjundan Drama Studio
    • For all young non-parent marrieds, singles, students & teens

UK & Eire Conference 2014 – “His Kingdom”


06.18.14Friday 12th – Sunday 14th September 2014
Institute of Education, London, WC1H 0AL

“His Kingdom” – what an honour to live in it and be a part of it!!
But we also live in a world screaming for our attention.
“His Kingdom” is of such greater value –
to give to, invest in and build up..
we have been chosen.

The conference kicks off at 7pm on Friday and finishes at 1pm on Sunday after the worship service.

For further information and to register, please click here.