Annual Church Meeting


A message from Andrew Agerbak, ICCM Chairman of the Board

“After the London-wide service on 10th November (Remembrance Sunday) we’ll be having a short Annual Church meeting (ACM), 1-2pm in the drama studio at Logan Hall. There will be a short presentation on London and UK church finances, and also the opportunity to ask questions of the trustees, administrators and ministry leadership present.
Many thanks.”

Andrew Agerbak

2013 UK & Ireland Singles Workshop



  2013 UK & Ireland Singles Workshop


Saturday 23 November 2013 – 12noon – 23.00

Sunday 24 November 2013 – Singles-led worship service

At the Manchester church building

9 Derby Street, Manchester M8 8QE

 We are anticipating a very encouraging event for our UK and Irish singles:

Saturday’s Programme: 

Noon – 1 pm Registration and lunch

1 – 2:30 pm Worship, Team building, lesson from God’s word

2:30 – 6pm Building bonds through Community Outreach 

6 – 11pm Dinner and Evening Programme 

in Manchester Building

Dress for this day/evening is nice casual 

(comfortable walking shoes)


Singles-Focused Worship service

Limited accommodation will be provided by local disciples

Cost is £10 per person, payable in advance by cash

Or cheque made out to ICCM

Please collect payment locally, in each congregation


Yours In Christ, Andy and Tammy Fleming, on behalf of the Birmingham singles ministry


All India Campus Conference – AICC


All India Campus Conference – AICC
The first ever AICC titled “Bent On Conquest” will be held in Chennai 27-30th December 2013. The participants of the HOPE Youth Corps will also take part. Students from 12 countries will attend.

Many Campus students have a dream to conquer the world for success, fame and personal gain. The conference would be focussing on giving students a dream to conquer this world for Christ.

The cost per student will be Rs.4000/- (~$65). [The overall cost is around 200*4000= 800,000/- (~$14000)]. The churches cannot afford to help all their students participate. So we would like to appeal for some sponsorship for the AICC. Just 50 donors each giving Rs.4000/- ($65 to sponsor one student) would go a long way for this conference and our budgets. If you can help please mail us at

We are very grateful for all the prayers and support for South Asia. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all.

From Friends To Fellow Believers



Rakesh shares from India ….
“On Oct 6, 2013, Thomas and Georgiana took the plunge and became our fellow disciples in the Kingdom. It is amazing to see how the Word of God has transformed their lives. The initial seed was sown about a year and a half ago when Melissa and I first met Thomas and Georgiana over dinner. As we spoke about work and various other topics, the Spirit spurred us to reach out to them. Over the next few months we spent a lot of time with them, talking about our lives, our marriage and about God’s loving-kindness and His grace. Our friendship grew as we met on several occasions and shared about our lives.

In time, God allowed us to start a Bible Talk at our place and Thomas and Georgiana happened to be our first friends in the Bible Talk. As I opened the Word and spoke about God’s faithfulness and his plan for each one of us, we could see the seed taking root in their lives. They started attending the Bible Talks regularly and also came for the church service on Sundays. The fellowship and the teaching nurtured the seed that was sown in their hearts. God’s Word started taking root in their lives. Three months ago, both of them initiated to study the Bible. It was amazing to see how eager they were to study the Word and how willingly they accepted the message. This, despite the fact that Georgiana was now expecting a baby and there were health challenges to deal with.

Within a span of three months, the idols disappeared, both from their home as well as their hearts. And, both of them decided to follow Jesus. As we stood singing and praying on the day of their baptism, God filled our hearts with unspeakable joy. We are so excited to now meet them as a brother and sister in the faith. Little did we know that a simple meal together could lead these souls to Jesus. God truly works in mysterious ways. To God be the glory!


The First Nine Months of 2013 in India



Our sister-churches in the sub-continent of India report the good news that their 58 congregations have seen 554 souls added to their fellowships so far this year. Of particular note is the news that God has blessed the new churches in Karur and Indore with eleven and six new souls respectively. Let us continue to pray for the work of the gospel in this part of the world.

Prashant’s Story – Good News from India



Prashant had a violent life. As a result he had to stay away from his home because of beeing involved in serious street fights, violence and police cases. He also found out two years ago that he had a life-threatening disease. Life had come to a point where he was waiting to die.

It was at this time that Arvindan met him on the street and invited him to church. He came to church that same week and started studying the Bible. When he came to know about Jesus he was broken, confessed all his sins, repented and accepted Jesus as Lord. He has found a new family in the church. He dreams for many more to come to Christ. So far he has brought his cousin, his neighbour and his wife, aunt and grandmother to the church. Prashant wants to live out the rest of his life glorifying God.

Ilango’s Story



Good News from India ….

Elango accepted Jesus as Lord last month. His wife Uma became a disciple a couple of years ago and since then has been constantly praying for Ilango.

Now Uma is so excited to see the power of God in Ilango’s life as shown in the immense changes in his life. Not only that, but a couple of months ago Uma’s mother also accepted Jesus as Lord!

UK & Ireland Student Retreat


The theme of the retreat is “Catching Fire,” inspired by the soon-to-be-released Hunger Games film of the same name.

Jeremiah 23:29 says that God’s word is like a fire; we look forward to hearing inspiring testimonies from our students who have been refined and changed by the fire of God’s word.

Luke 24:32 tells the story of disciples whose hearts burned within them while spending time with the risen Christ. Our aim with this retreat is to expose as many students as possible — the disciples, and as many of their friends as possible — to the resurrected Jesus, to the fire of God’s Word and His Spirit, so that they may catch His vision for their lives and be inspired to seek God wholeheartedly.

Our chosen location is the YMCA, Fairthorne Manor, near Botley rail station, Curdridge, Southampton, SO30 2GH.

If you want to go, please speak to your ministry leader about registering.

Catching Fire flyer