Women’s Event Report


940955_10151380372446016_135120024_nIt’s Your Life

On Saturday 27th April 2013 the London church hosted “It’s Your Life!” a women’s evening attended by nearly 1000 disciples and guests from all over England and from as far afield as Germany and France. With tickets completely sold out by the end of March and in hot demand, excitement had plenty of time to build and the event certainly did not disappoint.

247536_10151380380661016_888057554_nGuest speaker Carol Mc Guirk from the Paris church delivered a powerful yet relatable message that will be remembered for years to come as we were reminded to “put the big rocks in first”; to keep our walk with God as our very top priority and to fit everything else around God.


The London Teen Choir’s outstanding performance had an impact on women of all ages. We were treated to a beautiful performance of The Flower Duet by our string quartet and enjoyed a dramatic presentation portraying an ordinary woman’s struggle to get to grips with the various faces she feels obliged to wear to get through life. Stunning artwork and costumes were produced especially for the day.

941522_10151380383826016_1427425078_nMoving testimonies were shared by women who have been through incredibly challenging situations but whom God has rescued by his amazing grace. We were supported by dozens of the most serving, best-dressed brothers in town who served as ushers for the event, for whom we are very grateful.

Some guests who attended on Saturday have already started studying the Bible this week. Older disciples found the event refreshing and invigorating; seeds of kingdom dreams were planted in the hearts of younger women and we were all thrilled to see what God can and will do in the lives of women who believe. And to God be all the glory.

Patience Elikwu, on behalf of the planning committee


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