McGuircks are Guest Speakers at Singles Retreat


The guest speakers for the singles conference in May have been announced.


John and Carol McGuirck became Christians in Boston in 1984, and were married in 1986. They were called into the full-ministry in 1987 and sent to Paris to strengthen the young church planting in 1988.
They were asked to lead the church planting to Brussels, Belgium in 1991 before returning to Boston to lead the Southern Region of the Boston church in 1995, where they have served until June of 2012 (John was appointed an elder in 2009). They were recently invited to join the leadership of the Paris Church in July of 2013 where they are now serving.

John and Carol have three children, all of whom love the Lord: Thomas (23) is married to Cortney and together they serve in the campus ministry in Atlanta, Georgia; Timothy (21) is in College in Boston, Massachusetts, and Joanna (19) is part of the campus ministry in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Registration will be up on Monday 4th March – check back for the link to at that time.


Good News from Chennai

Some of the people baptised in the Chennai church in 2012

Some of the people baptised in the Chennai church in 2012

We have received a report on events in the church in Chennai in 2012.

“2012 was the best year for adding new members in the  Chennai Church for the last ten years. 100 souls were added over this period.

Events such as the Carnival, the All India Youth and Campus Conference and Marriage Builders are still fresh in the hearts of disciples. Please click here to see an exclusive report on the top ten events of the Chennai church in 2012.”

Please continue to pray for the work of the Gospel in Chennai, and in the entire subcontinent.

Malcolm Cox

INDIAN School of Missions, BANGALORE



A special report from the Indian school of missions ….

“We had the first school of mission retreat in Bangalore at a Christian retreat centre, about 40kms from the city. The outskirts are fast developing into commercial IT hubs but this quiet Franciscan seminary turned out to be quite a serene and affordable place.

EatThe retreat started on 20th of November and concluded on the 22nd. The School of mission trainees had a blast and a great time of learning. They were the only ones who preached at the retreat! The rest of the trainers and staff listened and evaluated their preaching skills based on their content, style and vulnerability as well as other factors. It was so encouraging to see every one of them preach from different parables for 7 minutes each. Clearly their confidence and their command of the language had grown.

PerformThe discipleship groups for the next 2 days focussed on feedback on their character changes, ministry performance and relationship skills. It was not just an evaluating session, but also a time to showcase their talent. We had our own ‘School of Mission HAS TALENT’…it was definitely a surprise to see folk dances, Bollywood dances, mimicry, and solo singing. They also competed with the rest of the staff in volleyball, throw-ball and other indoor activities. It was probably the best time we have had so far in getting to bond with our young hearts!

The trainees were very giving and serving throughout the retreat. It was inspiring to see their camaraderie and also encouraging seeing their openness in their sharing. They were also filled in their annual evaluation sheets and currently they are being assessed and given feedback.

BaptThe School of missions also saw 3 teens and a single person get baptised in the first week of December. Robert studied with Akash Pichamuthu; Ruby and Leema were studied with by Juliet, Sudha and Pavitra; while Nagendra baptised Lawrence, a young single. Another young campus girl, Shyamala, will be baptised this week by Sudha.

The Bangalore Church had a carnival on the 16th of December to raise funds for the new church building and the School of Mission did an incredible job helping to organise games, activities, and arranging the stalls. Most of them stayed back to help out the cleaning crew in spite of being tired after working for 12hours.

UntitledKindly keep these young men and women in your prayers. Last week ended with a beautiful Christmas party organised for the School of Mission along with the families of the staff. We had gifts and generous words of encouragement exchanged to lift each other’s spirits in Christ.

The Bangalore church has so far seen 116 souls baptised and 32 souls restored till date. The School of Mission have been responsible for almost 30 souls, mostly teens and campus this year. Every time a teen got baptised there were more coming forward to study the Bible and most of them wanted to be studied with by the School of Mission trainees!”

Jesus: Lord, Liar, Lunatic, Legend?


DSC_0017The Sunday afternoon session of the School of Missions kicked off with Chris Reed teaching the topic of Jesus: Lord, Lunatic, Liar or Legend?

The purpose of this study is to show that there are only a few different conclusions one can draw about who or what Jesus Christ is. One has to make a choice about this person because of the radical and far-reaching things that He said. Also, the most logical choice is that Jesus is the Son of God – Lord.


Second Session School of Missions

Chris Reed

Chris Reed

The second session of the UK, Ireland and Nordic School of Missions has kicked off with Chris Reed teaching on, “Introduction to Apologetics”.  He started by reviewing the different ways in which our faith can be shared: Logic, Archaeology, Science/Nature, Deductions, Probabilities, History and Personal testimony.

Over 50 people have gathered for this module and the ones to follow on Saturday: New Testament Survey and Church History.  Pray for all the students that they will find fuel for their faith and zeal to share it with greater effectiveness.

Mission Team To Biratnagar


BiratnagarBiratnagar is a sub-metropolitan city in southeast Nepal. In Nepali “birat” means ‘huge’ and “nagar” means ‘city’. The name “Biratnagar” for the city comes from the name of King Birat.

The Katmandu Church in Nepal is planning to send a mission team to Biratnagar which is the second largest city of Nepal. The planting will happen in November 2013.

Those who want to join the team or to know more about the plans, please contact Dahal at